Upstream “part two” (the misunderstood bridge)


Subtle glows of letting go when no-one knows,

Snow around the globe when in summer.

Pray and stay, afraid to say its grey,

Made like a glade of chaos.

Wet, met, and kept with steps of frets,

Let it set another deep inhale.

Beauty, me, empty, freed iniquity, colors of equality,

Tolerating, exfoliating, formulating, thoughts.

Paranoid, slight android, so annoyed, and then deployed,

Less of ploy and Tolstoy, and more of koi that twitter through the water (buzz),

Sense, defense, repent, mend the fence,

Lense now less than blurry,

Hands and plans, stands a man,

Sand, not bland or kick the can, without a plan,

Still the bridge is curvy.


Ok, locate, and face my stream,

you will get it, follow me, stay with me,

Or smile that you are not swimming the same stream,

Trying to get what it means,


Bliss, and kiss, the misunderstood bridge.


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